Article Writing Format – Cooling OFF!

Boy, oh boy, you are HOT!  That article idea that popped into your head is fantastic.  Your article writing format is up to speed and you put pen to paper.  The words flow like a fast moving stream, the ideas sparkle and dance across the page and you are really proud of the result.  But should you post it immediately????  Maybe not, take a look at the video….

Even if your article writing format is supurb, you really should give the article a bit of time to gel, to give your brain a little time to make sure what is there is exactly what you want your name associated with.

Now that you are using your time so wisely, take a look at this opporutnity to give you more time and money.

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Empower Network – Is It Really a SCAM?

There have been over 6,000 new members added within the last 4 weeks!

The Empower Network has been spreading like wildfire, like CRAZY over the Internet. Typically, when something is this successful, as quickly growing, as positive as Empower Network, there are going to be people blasting negative comments, misstatements, lousy opinions and scam comments all over the place.

With over $ 1Million already PAID OUT in Commissions in those first 4 weeks, these naysayers are being proven SO wrong.  Now you will be seeing the Empower Network EVERYWHERE.

That makes watching the video link below incredibly important RIGHT NOW if you want to be successful with the Empower Network.

People within Empower Network are already ranking high on Google, have generated literally THOUSANDS of leads, are instantly making 100% Commissions  and are raking in the kind of money from the Empower Network that other people only dream of.

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Illegal Immigration

I love to learn, try new ways to do something better, find techniques that work for me. I am currently in a social media “bootcamp” and we have been given an assignment to use some of the techniques in research we are learning to start an on-line dialogue. The following video talks about a current situation we have all heard about and many of us have personal experience with – the illegal immigrant. Please listen to this short video and post a comment below.

I would really like to know what YOU think !!      What can we do for illegal immigrants or what can be done about them.  How can we justify arresting criminals for breaking the law and choosing not to apply the laws covering illegal immigration because we may not like them.

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Ways to Use Twitter

Oh happy days, Twitter is coming of age and has evolved into more than just a way for celebrities to broadcast their current happenings, we are all part of the revolution. From its beginning as a purely social media, we have moved to a realm where information is shared, invitations are sent, inspiration is passed along, announcements are made, business is offered and so much more. What are the uses of Twitter now?

Twitter, of course, is still the premier “short message” forum. Twitter still tells life’s snippets, the minute bite that lets your friends in on what just happened that you want the world to know. But Twitter has morphed into much more and reaches farther into the realm of business than imagined.

How is Twitter used?

1. Social Reporting – yes, it still is the pre-eminent way to tell your world about what has happened to you. You get from your contacts what is happening and important to them in bite-sized chunks, just enough to get the gist of what is going on. But you can have a conversation on Twitter; you just have to keep it in those bite-sized chunks. From there getting more information goes back to other forms that allow more details.

2. Conversations – you get a message or tweet and want to have a dialogue with the person sending it. You reply to them. If they are interested in continuing the conversation, they reply back. In a way, it is like another source for instant messaging. Remember, this is a more public forum so many other people are able to see what you are posting, it is not as private as other IM modalities.

3. Keep in touch with Friends and Family – with so much going on, Twitter gives us a way to let people near and dear to us know what is going on in a timely way using those bite-sized pieces of information. Sometimes, even though we should spend more time calling and writing family and friends, the time eludes us. Twitter is a way to help maintain contact.

4. Ranting and expressing opinions – lots of people will get your message and while they can reply, you monitor what you hear. If you express strong opinions, you will get strong opinions back. It is really great that you can dialogue and not confront your conversationalist directly.

5. Business Development – Twitter has come of age in providing a forum for establishing, developing, nurturing and growing a business.

6. Creating interesting and informative content – Twitter is fantastic for letting people know what you have been developing and where to find those pieces of content that you have spent so much time and effort working on.

7. Networking for information – gathering pieces of information from contacts to use in your business and for finding out who would be someone to contact directly to get what you are looking for.

8. Disseminating News and Information – using Twitter to let others in your network know what may have just happened that will impact or interest them that you found out about. You will also get pieces of news that your contacts feel are interesting enough to share and you can pass them along with a “re-tweet”.

9. Asking and Answering Questions – especially if people identify you as having expertise in an area, you are a resource. In the same way, Twitter allows you to pose a question to a large group of people, at least one of whom may have just what you need.

10. Motivation – sending a snippet that will give your network a bit of a lift.

11. Inspiration – giving your network a “nudge” something that will give them impetus to do better.

12. Promotion of Yourself and Your Business – the fastest way to get information you want about yourself and your business in front of many, many people almost instantly. Tweeting about yourself is a superb way to promote what you are doing.

14. Promoting Others – your business associates and associations can also be promoted and broadcast. Sharing content is one thing, but sharing business can be very profitable.

15. Pure FUN – Twitter is the greatest way to send funny notes, short funny snippets, brain teasers, short jokes, and all manner of things to bring a smile onto the face of people in your network.

16. Links to other sites – you find something “everyone” should have, so send them a link.

There are likely to be many others that you can think of and I would like to know about your ideas too. Twitter is fantastic, it is fun, it is informative, it can be lucrative. Tell the world what you have to say in 130 or less characters. THAT is the challenge!

If you would like additional information about how to use Twitter more effectively, click here and you will be taken to a FREE training program. It is AWESOME !

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Social Networkers Take Note!

Social Networking is dynamite for connecting with people and using those connections to forming, developing and expanding your personal network in growing your business.  While there are a myriad of courses and programs that are available to help set up and use our social networks, the question still is “what do you do and say to an individual to get an active, vibrant and successful social network that will respond to you over time?”

The answer is rather simple, in fact just four easy steps.  You must connect with the folks in your social network (social networking), make friends with them, find out about them (what interests them, why they are doing social networking), find out what issues or problems they are having (and everyone has something they want to improve) and help them with a solution.

Here are the four steps:

  1. Make friends with them.  Handle it like you would anyone you meet for the first time.  Find out about them, where they live, what interests them, things they like to do.  If you have time before talking to them or responding to them, go to their social network page and find out a little about them and draw upon that information to frame your conversation.  And as you get to it, find out why they are involved in internet/network marketing.  Let them do most of the talking with you asking questions to guide the conversation and keep them engaged.  Remember, people like to talk about themselves.
  2. Find a need that they have.  Ask questions to determine what issues or problems they are dealing with.  Yes, we all have something that needs improvement.  Probe a bit to find out what they want to improve.  And LISTEN, be sure to listen attentively, very attentively, because they will tell you what problem(s) they are facing and will tell you what they need.
  3. Suggest a solution and offer help.  Bring to the table something they could use to address the problem.  Be open and listen to what they say as you talk to make sure you are on target.
  4. Follow up.  This might be the most important step.  Once you have established that relationship, made the suggestions, get back in touch with your new friend to see if it worked!  Assuming you made a good suggestion, besides being nice to know about your success, you can find out why they felt it worked and use it for future prospects.   Your new friend will be impressed that you are keeping up with their progress and that is priceless.

Step 5 might be to repeat the process (over and over again), but you get the picture.

Social Networking is about forming, developing and maintaining relationships.  Over time you are banking on being able to contact your social network with more information and suggestions.  If your relationship is firmly grounded, it will be a long term benefit to you.

Earlier I mentioned available courses in Social Networking, click on this link and get more information.

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Value of Autoresponder Letters

Autoresponder letters are invaluable in connecting with prospects.  Even if you reach out to your prospects and leads as soon as you can there are times when you just do not connect right away.  One of the opportunistic things your autoresponder letters do is make contact for you.  This video reviews how valuable this is and gives you a couple additional tips for when you finally get that lead on the phone.

Take this information to the bank, it will be priceless in the long run.  If you are looking for more of this kind of help, click on this link, watch that video and connect with me when you are done.

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Developing a Good Mindset

A good mindset is crucial to your success, opening new doors, developing yourself and helping others.  In this video, I talk about what a good mindset is and does for you, how to develop a good mindset and where to look for the food for maintaining your good mindset.

Now, work on your mindset, get some inspirational books or videos and take your energies and focus them on some good work!

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Doug Conant’s Kellogg School Commencement Address

Doug Conant, President and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company, gave the Commencement Address at the Kellogg Business School on June 17, 2011. His message, while directed to people mainly heading into positions in “bricks and mortar” companies, was keenly targeted to what we as network marketers should be doing to drive our businesses.

Doug’s message is to make sure our focus is on helping other people succeed. This directs our efforts to assure that what we are doing specifically is to creates ways for other people to be successful.  His message that other people’s success will more than guarantee our success is critical to what we do.

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Your Primary Prospecting List

We are bombarded with so many webinars, training sessions, chat groups, product presentations and not to mention forums sponsored by online businesses, that it is difficult to pick which ones to listen to or attend.  Sometimes you might know the presenter gives great content and participate in that one.  Or you might select one based on a title or introductory message that piques your interest.  Or you might just be lucky.  I just heard one that I found fantastic and I wanted to share the information with you in this video.

Many thanks to Doug DeMercurio for his insightful presentation.

For those of you who are new to network maketing, internet marketing or are looking for more information to improve your business, I would like to help.  Clicking this link will bring you to a FREE training program on marketing strategies.

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Keep on Challenging

There are many ways and tools for helping business people focus on doing what is needed to be successful.  These tools may provide direction, inspiration, motivation, training or technical support.  Many successful people have found that finding a targeting challenge can help them tremendously in driving themselves and their businesses to greater success.  On of my current challenges is described in the video.

If you are looking for help, there is an excellent source, call me and we can talk about it.
Business owners who want to get more training on using social media, click here.

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