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We are in the midst of the next major advancement beyond the internet. The technology to bringing information that is of interest and importance to people NOW is via mobile communications.

A recent study indicates there may be 5 times as many regular cell phone users as internet users. 86% of Americans own a cell phone and 68.7 million of them consider themselves frequent texters. That means that almost 70 million people accept text messaging as a regular means of communicating, getting information and keeping in contact with other people.

The incredible power of real time communication on the go is growing. Businesses that are on the cutting edge of this technology can capitalize on it and will grow faster than their competition. The information people are looking for is now on their mobile phones.

The next time you are in line at the store or waiting for a table at your favorite eating place, look around. I will bet that many of the other folks in line are on their phones. It is not just the kids texting their friends. It is the executive pulling up the email he just missed by leaving work early to have dinner with his wife. It could be the sales guy who just got confirmation his big order shipped and now he can text his customer with the delivery date. It might even be someone who does not want to wait in line any longer and is looking for another restaurant nearby.

I have started an agency to bring this technology to the business community and to provide other people with the opportunity to join this exciting revolution in communication. If you have the desire to grow your own business or this information has sparked an interest, send the text message billh to 90210. All you have to do is “dial” 90210 where you normally put the phone number you want to text to and key in billh for the text message. I will get your message and call you back. Or if you want, you can go to my agency site via my website and check it out.

We are in the midst of a mobile revolution where communication and branding are changing right before our eyes.

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5 Responses to Go Mobile

  1. Wow, thanks, it looks like something I might like to consider.

  2. dwmsnhczf says:

    Great posts, keep them coming

  3. Bill Huebner says:

    It has been a few days and I wondered if you have had a chance to look at the opportunity? If you have any questions, send me and email at bill@williamhuebnerjr.com or call 201-704-5209. It is fantastic and I would like to share it with you.

  4. Hainnynex says:

    this is interesting, do you have more informaiton you can get to me?

  5. tnphawq says:

    Super informative, keep giving us more information

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