Internet Marketing — Is It Selling?

Many people who consider themselves internet marketers when asked the question, are you in sales, would reply with a NO WAY!  I can’t sell, never have been able to, never want to, not ME!

While I will not try to convince them they are wrong, they should consider a few things.

By definition, marketing has a sales component and a very strong one.  Whether you are marketing a product or service, yourself or someone else, a tangible item or one that is not, you must convince the prospective buyer that what you offer has value to them, is worth the price and is reasonably easy to acquire.

Communicating that value, price and way for the customer to get the offer is selling.  Your skill in putting those things into a message that is understandable, concise, to the point and timely will determine your success.  You only have to look at a Barnes and Noble bookstore in the business aisle to find a wide assortment of books that say they can teach you the “art” of selling.

Many of these are excellent books and there are also large amounts of information on the internet that may also be useful in learning some of the tools for successful selling.  A good number are free.  You might want to start by looking at some of the article publication sites.

Here are a couple of tips that will make your efforts in selling more productive and make the selling process easier for you.

Figure out all the objections and reservations your prospective customer might have.  Prepare a response to each and every one that showcases why your product, opportunity or service is actually a benefit not an objection.  Then (and this is the key to making this work) address each of them in your presentation.  By the time you are done, your prospect will have nothing to prevent them from “buying” from you.

Next, make sure speed is part of your style.  Not in the delivery of the message, but the delivery of what you are selling.  “Right Away” should be your motto.  You will get it out to them “right away”.  You will call them back “right away”.  It will make you a preferred vendor if what they want is of the highest priority to you.

And finally, keep it simple.  Make it easy to find you and contact you.  Keep your presentation focused, to the point and as simple as possible.  Make it easy to get the product, make the payment and ship it.

To give you an example of what to do let me tell you about how I turned a dinner out with my Mom into a sales presentation.  We went to dinner at a restaurant she likes and knowing we would go there I had prepared a few ideas to share with the owner about increasing his business using mobile phone advertising.  After we had eaten, I asked to speak with him.  Prior to the meeting I had set up a demonstration on my cell phone showing him how he could drive more business to his restaurant, how he could promote specific items, send holiday reminders (giving him all the reasons he would find usefulness and overcoming objections on lack of potential use), and more than offset the cost.  I had set up a coupon (giving him a real life scenario about what he could do) showing him how to increase business on slow days.  An electronic business card showing his logo and store front culminated the presentation and gave him that added “WOW” factor personalizing and tailoring it to him.

It did not take long to prepare, but it then was easy to impress him with the value, timing and economic feasibility of doing it.

I hope this helps.  Use some of the ideas above and I think you will find “selling” easier for you to do.  Good luck.

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