Are We Running Out of Room on the Internet?

A recent news report caught my eye, piqued my interest and ignited a spark to find out more about running out of room on the internet. In an interview with the co-founder of Casaba Security (a team of security pioneers who research, develop and implement solutions to internet security problems), Sam Bucholtz told viewers that reports about how we are getting very close to running out of addresses for all the mobile devices we are now using is true. Between cell phones, Blackberries, iPads, iPods, laptop computers and the myriad of other devices we want to connect with the internet, there are only about 2% of the potential addresses under the current internet protocol still available.

Internet addresses are needed for all these devices to talk with one another and are based on a 32bit value which limits the total number of devices that can “talk” or be connected to the internet to 4 billion.

The internet protocol currently in use is the Internet Protocol version 4, or IPv4 and plans are underway to migrate to a new protocol, Internet Protocol version 6.

According to Wikipedia, this first publicly used version (IPv4), provided the before mentioned addressing capability of about 4 billion addresses and was thought to be sufficient in the early design stages of the Internet. It has been the unexpected explosive growth and worldwide proliferation of networks that has led to the current situation. By the late 1980′s, it became apparent that methods had to be developed to conserve address space. In the early 1990s, even after a redesign of the addressing system, it became clear that this would not suffice to prevent IPv4 address exhaustion, and that further changes to the Internet infrastructure were needed.

Now plans are being developed and a great deal of infrastructure is already in place to move to a new internet protocol that expands the number of addresses by 4 times. This is Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and will greatly expand the number of devices supported. It is estimated that every person on earth could have multiple devices and never come close to using all available addresses.

The last blocks of free IPv4 addresses were assigned in February 2011, although many free addresses still remain in most assigned blocks and will continue to be allocated for some time. While IPv6 has been implemented on all major operating systems in use in commercial, business, and home consumer environments, IPv6 is not backwards compatible with IPv4. As an example, when a new version of a computer program comes out, it will be able to use files developed in the older version. This is not possible with IPv4 and Ipv6. Ipv6 creates what amounts to a parallel, independent network. Exchanging traffic between the two networks requires special translator gateways. However, modern computer operating systems are capable of implementing dual-protocol software for transparent access to both networks

What needs to happen now as we run out of room on the internet is that the content about the new internet protocol needs to be communicated. To facilitate that, the Internet Society is supporting World IPv6 Day, an event organized by the Internet Society and several large content providers to test public IPv6 roll out. The main motivation for the event is to evaluate the real world effects of the IPv6. The event is also known as Test Drive Day and will be held on June 8, 2011.

Facebook, Google, Cisco, Verizon, Yahoo and Bing will be among some of the major organizations that will offer their content over IPv6 for a 24-hour “test drive”. The goal of the Test Drive Day is to motivate organizations across the industry – Internet service providers, hardware makers, operating system vendors and web companies – to prepare their services for IPv6 to ensure a successful transition as IPv4 addresses run out.

Changing over to IPv6 could be expensive and complicated. A similar situation recently occurred with the transition to digital television. For years digital TV was available along with analog although with limited content. As interest and content grew, TV stations began simulcasting both analog and digital programming. People began buying digital TVs. The move to all digital required new TVs, converters, adapters, etc., and while it was expensive, the move has been made. This IPv6 Test Day will offer similar simultaneous broadcasting in both protocols.

It looks like we can expect a move over to the new protocols in the near future as we run out of room on the internet. A crisis does not appear imminent, but there are not sufficient internet addresses to support the expanding mobile communications we are now demanding.

The new protocols will eliminate the problem, but will likely present new challenges, costs and opportunities to running out of room on the internet. Stay tuned.

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Twitter & Tweepi / Using & Tips / 300-400 New Users per Day

Twitter is phenomenal for social networking, but it takes forever to ask people one by one to follow you and to follow them back.  Here is a way to speed that up dramatically.  Included are some tips to make it work better and faster for you and where to get contacts.  Good hunting.

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Monday Feb. 14 Webinar

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Facebook No No’s – Avoid at All Costs

Facebook is an excellent tool and communication device for internet marketers,  We should, however, be aware that there are large differences in how we use Facebook for making contacts, prospecting, generating leads, networking, establishing a business-oriented relationship and developing trust than how we might use it as a purely social networking site with friends and relatives.  To that end, this video reviews six (6) topics you should never include in your Facebook conversations as an internet marketer.  For those interested in improving their use of Facebook, at the end is a link to FREE training for that.

Thank you and come back and visit often. If you missed the link for that FREE Facebook training, click here.

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Don’t Get Run Over

Did you know that even if you’re on the Right Track, you’ll get Run over if you Just Sit There? Will Rogers
said that and you’ve got to admit he had a valid point.

It can be applied to most things in life.
If you just sit there you WILL get run over. So, the question is, are you still sitting there?

If you are truly interested in becoming a successful Internet Marketer you’ve got to TAKE ACTION.
No matter what business you are in you have to stick to it, be consistent and do what it takes to
achieve your goals.

Do the research, learn the skills and apply your knowledge. Don’t give up because if you work at it, it will work !!

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Challenge Success Story

It is phenomenal when success comes on the heels of effort.  Motivation is derived from early success and nothing is better for your mindset.  After putting many hours into finding people to follow on Twitter and friends on Facebook I found a way to speed up the process and this video tells about my success.

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Enrollment in 100 Day Business Building Challenge re-opens

The 100 Day Business Building Challenge is so successful that our leaders have had to reopen enrollment.  It is for a limited time only though.  The video explains all and contains link to get more training and information.

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100 Day Biz Building Challenge enrollment re-opens

The 100 Day Biz Building Challenge has become an overnight hit.  If you don’t believe me, just do a Google search on 100 day biz building challenge and see what you get as a result!!!  There has been such an uproar from so many people who missed out on joining this fantastic opportunity to drive our businesses forward and learn to become more successful that a short extension to the enrollment period has been opened.  The video explains it all.

If you missed it in the video, here is the link to click on.  You have only 5 days (until 10PM on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 to jump into this.  DRIVE you business onward, upward, forward.

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Prospecting – the Ins and Outs – Learnings

Prospecting is something that everyone must do to be successful in internet marketing.  Prospecting is not lead generation; it is more than lead generation, much more.  In point of fact, prospecting most often starts after the leads have been generated.  The following video goes into some of the points a successful prospector shared with us on a webinar. 

A follow-up call to a lead should engage the lead in a conversation where you are trying to gather information about their needs, wants and desires based on why they answered your ad or followed you from your capture page.  You should look for interest, desire, commitment.  If the person does not seem really interested or motivated to listen to you, extricate yourself from the conversation.  Remember, no one answers the phone with a desire to have the caller trying to sell them something.  We all try to get away from those calls as soon as we figure out that the caller is trying to sell something.

Your goal has to be to engage in a conversation, by asking questions about what motivated the person to respond to you in the first place.  You should not be selling right off the bat.  You should be trying to help them meet their goals and aspirations.  Maybe they will buy something, but they do NOT want to hear that you are calling only to sell them.  Do not dive right in with a sales pitch.

You also should always look to prospect UP.  Leads are all sorts of people.  Many of them answered an ad or responded to an offer with no real intention to take any sort of action.  No amount of convincing will get them to move, so why waste time?  Using a script, you should go through some questions to solicit information from your lead to qualify them as a real prospect.  If there is no hope, terminate the call.  The webinar leader gave a good example and I captured it on the video above.  Prospecting up means to look for leads and therefore prospects from people who already have shown they are willing to do what it takes to be entrepreneurs, go getters, self starters, in other words, successful.

Good luck and successful prospecting.

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Driving My Business with the 100 Day Biz Building Challenge

Driving our businesses forward is critical to making a success of our efforts in internet marketing.  There are so many programs, ideas, opportunities and promotions that come to us on a daily basis that it is hard to decide what to do. 

Which one will be most successful?  Which one will be the right fit for me, my style, and my other opportunities?  Which one fits my budget, either to get started or over the long haul?  Are the developers of the program, system or business opportunity successful marketers?  The list goes on and on and I am asking the same questions.

To achieve success, one of the things I have decided to do is join the 100 Day Biz Building Challenge.  The leaders are two of the top internet marketers (Jordan Schultz and Adam Chandler) and they are leading us in driving our businesses.  Whether we are brand new, relatively new or seeking to expand our business to new dimensions, they are a fantastic source of guidance.

I am very excited and committed to making these 100 days pay off for me.  The training and support developed for this challenge, the tribe set up to motivate us and disseminate the content we develop is super.  I have put together a short video statement about the Challenge and my commitment to it.

Unfortunately, it is too late to join the challenge, but if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (links below) you can receive the same educational content and information we are sharing amongst the team members with no cost or obligation.

Come back often and see my progress and the content I will be developing over the next 100 days.

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