Prospecting – the Ins and Outs – Learnings

Prospecting is something that everyone must do to be successful in internet marketing.  Prospecting is not lead generation; it is more than lead generation, much more.  In point of fact, prospecting most often starts after the leads have been generated.  The following video goes into some of the points a successful prospector shared with us on a webinar. 

A follow-up call to a lead should engage the lead in a conversation where you are trying to gather information about their needs, wants and desires based on why they answered your ad or followed you from your capture page.  You should look for interest, desire, commitment.  If the person does not seem really interested or motivated to listen to you, extricate yourself from the conversation.  Remember, no one answers the phone with a desire to have the caller trying to sell them something.  We all try to get away from those calls as soon as we figure out that the caller is trying to sell something.

Your goal has to be to engage in a conversation, by asking questions about what motivated the person to respond to you in the first place.  You should not be selling right off the bat.  You should be trying to help them meet their goals and aspirations.  Maybe they will buy something, but they do NOT want to hear that you are calling only to sell them.  Do not dive right in with a sales pitch.

You also should always look to prospect UP.  Leads are all sorts of people.  Many of them answered an ad or responded to an offer with no real intention to take any sort of action.  No amount of convincing will get them to move, so why waste time?  Using a script, you should go through some questions to solicit information from your lead to qualify them as a real prospect.  If there is no hope, terminate the call.  The webinar leader gave a good example and I captured it on the video above.  Prospecting up means to look for leads and therefore prospects from people who already have shown they are willing to do what it takes to be entrepreneurs, go getters, self starters, in other words, successful.

Good luck and successful prospecting.

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4 Responses to Prospecting – the Ins and Outs – Learnings

  1. Great article William, this takes a lot of the prospecting pressure off of people.

    • admin says:

      Hi Danny, I am not sure it takes pressure off, but hopefully it will give folks an idea of where to direct their efforts to make propecting more profitable.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Great post. I am a big fan of Todd Falcone as well and have listened to several prospecting call webinars from him. Great information.

    I really like the tips you give. But before that, your call to John just had me laughing out loud. Because I’ve talked to him many, many times! You capture his voice so well. :)

    I agree, the point of the call is not to sell, at least not initially. You definitely need to ask a series of questions that will do two things. Number one, build up a rapport with them so they will talk more openly (or even talk at all). And second, to find out what they are really in need of and what they really want. And then you can go into whether you can help them or not. And also, whether they will be a good addition to YOUR business.

    It’s OK to get out of the call. It’s OK to tell someone no. I think people need to enter into the prospecting calls NOT with the thought that you need the person, but that they need you. And this will help a great deal in how you are perceived on the phone.

    Anyway, great post and great video. I truly enjoyed it.

    Vincent Parker

    • admin says:

      Hi Vincent, Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them. I have just started a 100 Day Business Building Challenge to drive my business forward in 2011. It was so fantastically recieved that the deadline to join had to be extended to Tues. 2-8. This is AWESOME training. Google 100 day biz builder challenge and come back to this link.

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