Prospecting – Turning NOs into KNOWs

  We all expect to be told “no” when we are calling leads, prospecting and telling the story about our business.  We do have the opportunity to turn those “NOs” into other leads if we ask the person we are talking with some additional questions.  Take a look at the video.

You have established a conversation and when the lead indicates they are not interested, continue the conversation by asking if someone else they know might be interested in an income opportunity or to add an additional income stream to their current income.  In this day of job layoffs, unemployment, underemployment and dissatisfaction with the way the job market is going, people are looking for ways to make money, add to current income, start a business, and/or grow their current business.  Almost everyone you will speak to knows someone else who would fall into one of those categories.  

Do not let them get away.  Ask for a reference to those other folks.  Ask the person who has said “no” to you whether they “know” anyone else who is looking for added income, who is motivated, who is coachable and who might like to talk with you.  You might reassure them you are not selling anything, that you are offering help and training so that they are not afraid the person they are referring to you will not get back to them about that dang telemarketer the friend told about them. 

Some contacts will come up with names.  Others will still say NO.  Do not let them get away with that either.  In a real nice and friendly way, continue the conversation.  You might personalize it a bit by saying that you have spoken with several people already today and in today’s economy every single one knew at least one person who could use more income.  “Does anyone you know come to mind?”  In the video, my contact has said no twice and still will take another phone call, plus he gave me his email address.  Something piqued his interest during our phone calls, whether it was my persistence, or perhaps the friendly conversation, that he really does know people but is not willing to give them up yet without some show of faith on my part, or he himself might want to talk some more.  Time will tell. 

Keep the conversations going even after the NO, and you will reap rewards for your persistence over time.  Click here for referral to the best training site on the internet.

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