Setting up Facebook “Notes”

As business professionals and serious marketing communicators, we should always be on the lookout for new or additional ways to keep our messages, educational material, tips, techniques and hints in front of as many people as we can.  This will help to further brand ourselves and provide valuable content and material to others.  We all want to stay connected with those associates (friends, relatives and business) by whatever means works best for them

We cannot be good communicators by using only what we are comfortable or familiar with.  We must take our contacts’ needs, wants, desires and technology into account.  So when someone gives me an enhancement, addition or new way to connect, I will give it a good look and try it out if it makes sense.

My mentor sent out a message to tell us about a feature of Facebook that is called “notes”.  She posted some good content using it and it looked like a great addition to my armamentarium.  Using notes, you can post material, including pictures, to your news feed and your notes section.  According to the write up given in Facebook “with Facebook Notes, you can share your life with your friends through written entries. You can tag your friends in notes, and they can leave comments. The Notes application page displays notes recently written by your friends, notes in which your friends have been tagged, and links to your own notes.”  It sounded good to me.

However, as hard as I searched my pages, I could not find a notes button. 
A quick call to her gave me a solution and here it is. 

From your Profile Page, enter the word “notes” into the search box at the top of the page.  A list will appear with the first entry being “NOTES APP”. Click on that.  Facebook might take a few seconds to work on loading it, but very shortly you will get your screen back.  Look under your profile picture and you will see a Notes tag among the others typically there (Wall, Info, Photos and Friends).  Clicking on that tag will open your notes area.

I hope this helps and adds another dimension to what you are doing too.

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