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Twitter is a great tool for social networking results in online marketing, network marketing and internet exposure.  Twitter does have limitations and as with any social networking tool, care must be used to ensure that your marketing use of it does not conflict with the guidelines for use as a social site.  Unfortunately, if you run afoul of those rules you could be shut down and lose all the hard work you have put into it.  On the positive side, since there is so much interest and such a wide use of Twitter, there are a lot of Twitter tools that have been developed to help us.

Twitter is an easy and low cost method to promote your business or brand to a huge audience and your goal is to reach as many potential contacts, customers or prospects as possible.  You should make an active part of each workday a block of time (as little as 30 minutes, perhaps up to an hour) to grow each of you major social networks aka social networking.  For Twitter, getting new followers can be done in many ways:  First make sure you have a Twitter link on your website, your blog, your email signature, in all your bios on all networking sites and on your business card (paper or electronic – don’t have one, call me) .  You can also Google “follow back list twitter” and get a list of over 10k Twitter users who will follow you back if you follow them.  Find and use one of the training programs (again, call me for an excellent one, FREE to boot or click here).  Finally, use the tools below to get new followers. 


Twitter is phenomenal for social networking, but it takes forever to ask people one by one to follow you and to follow them back.  Tweepi is a way to speed that up dramatically.  There are potential pitfalls to using this too often and trying to do it too fast.   Use it expeditiously, a couple of times a week and it should be okay especially if you do not have too many more people you are following than who follow you.  This is another major benefit of using Tweepi, to keep that better balance by clearing out folks who do not follow you back.  My video shows how to use Tweepi ( ).  This is a free service. 


Twiends helps connect Twitter users with other Twitter users to expand their followers. This social networking is accomplished through a very simple system of credits. Every time you follow another users Twitter account you earn credits that can be used to acquire followers to your Twitter account. The more Twitter accounts that you choose to follow the more followers you get to your account.  If you don’t have the time to earn credits manually you can buy the credits you need otherwise it is free to use.

As you get larger and larger numbers of new followers using one of the account management tools below will be useful and help in managing both your Twitter account and your time investment.  You will be able to find out who followed you back and who didn’t.  You can also use these tools to unfollow people that didn’t return your follow.  Twitter does not “like it” if you mass unfollow people or unfollow those who did return the follow.   Since many of these tools allow you to mass unfollow, it is important to follow the Twitter guidelines that you keep the number of people you follow in close proximity to those who follow you back.


Simply connect with Twitter and Manageflitter shows you who you are following and who are not following you back.  You have the ability to select who to remove from the list.  Unfortunately, you must do it one by one (unlike Tweepi where you can select up to 40 to remove at once).   On the other hand you can filter your account for a variety of characteristics such as users without a profile image or users that are quiet or tweet a lot. There is a paid upgrade available but the basic free site has all the features an average user will need.


Simply enter your user name and it will show you who isn’t following back, who is a fan and mutual followings. If you connect with Twitter, it will also give you the option to follow or unfollow users.


If you want to find followers in a specific geographical area or category, this is the tool for you. It lets you search for users by city or from a directory of categories. This is great if you have a local business and you want to connect with all the Twitter users in your city for example. You can also follow and unfollow within this tool.

You are trying to attract people to view your tweets, take action that will benefit your business and help you grow that business.  So while you should try to establish a massive following, avoid unfollowing people who follow you (this may make you look more attractive to others or as if you are someone that people are really attracted to follow – like a movie star), but is it not good social networking practice.

It may seem that frequently posting your product link or links may drive more business; a social networking site is not the place to do that.  It is easily considered spamming and even if Twitter does not put a damper on you, your followers will ignore you.

The following is a paid site that gives you a number of tools including one in which you can respond to people who follow you by sending them a Direct Message (DM) automatically.  The cost is quite low and if you have a well crafted message, it can help you automate your Twitter social networking.


As your account starts to grow substantially; it becomes difficult to keep track of your new followers.  This tool is very useful if you want to set up a welcome message to send to your new followers.   It is not a good idea to add a link to your business to that message because that is what too many people not interested in doing social networking the right way are doing it.  This will turn people off to you and destroy a lot of hard work you have put into setting up that social network.   Come up with something creative and original within the 140 character limit (suggestions are in the information I mentioned earlier to contact me about).

These tips and suggestion along with the management tools can help you make the most from your Twitter social networking.

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